Racing Harness Re-certification

1 Harness system must be less than 8 years old.


2 Must send the complete harness system in for recertification.


3 All harness systems can only be recertified 3 times.


4 We cannot change the configuration of the harness.


5 Must be a RacerDirect brand harness in order for us to recertify the system.


6 We cannot recertify competing brands.


7 Must include credit card form in the box.


8 Must include method of contacting.


9 Latch and Link systems cost $40.00 & Camlock systems cost $60.00.


10 Missing or damaged hardware will be replaced at an additional cost.


11 We can lengthen or shorten the system at the time of re-certification.


13 We can change the color of the harness, must be included with package.


Click here to download credit card form.


Send to:



15835 Corporate Rd N

Jupiter, FL 33478