MSD Three Stage Retard Control

Product Code:  8970

MSRP: 273.95
Price: $245.95


Brand:MSD Ignition

Manufacturer's Part Number:8970

Part Type:Timing Controllers, Electronic

Controls Ignition Advance: No

Controls Ignition Retard: Yes

Controller Activation: Programmable

Adjustable: Yes

Adjustment Style: Pills

Ignition Box Required: Yes

Compatible with Multiple Coil Ignitions: No

Quantity: Sold individually.

MSD three-stage retard controls allow you to retard your ignition timing in three different stages. You can activate one retard for a nitrous stage, and another at top-end in high gear for more mph, and still have another module left over for dual-stage nitrous systems. When activated together, the retard amounts are cumulative, so you get the total of the three. For example, if you pull 2 degrees, then 4 degrees on the second stage, and another 2 degrees at top-end, the total retard is 8 degrees (2+4+2=8). In addition to the individual retard stages, the Three Stage retard controls have an optional start retard function that retards the timing 10 or 25 degrees while cranking the engine. This makes starting high-compression engines with locked-out timing, such as crank trigger systems, much easier. These units easily connect to your MSD Ignition and can be triggered from points, electronic ignitions, crank triggers, or magnetic pickup distributors. They're supplied with a 2, 3, and 4 degree module, and must be used with an MSD 6, SCI, 7, 8, or 10 Series ignition.