Categories SFI 16.1 L&L Harness 3" V Shoulder Harness Roll Bar Mount 3" Pull Down Lap Belts 2" Single Sub All Bolt in Anchors

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The New 5 Point Latch & Link Racing Harness. The SFI 16.1 Harness has a 3" Pull Down V- Roll Bar Mount Shoulder Harness that bolts to the roll bar behind the seat. The Lap Belts are 3" Pull Down Lap Belts that bolt in to tighten. The submarine belt is 2" that will bolt and or wrap so the occupant can adjust to where it rides on the body. Full extension of the lap belt is 65". Full extension of the shoulder harness is 38". Full extension of the submarine belt is 30" This item will come with a current SFI tag within the month/year that it is purchased as it is a new belt and currently undated. This is also a re-certifiable belt through after two years and can be re-certified three times in its lifetime of 10 years. This belt is manufactured by out of the heart of America in Detroit, Michigan. This item is NOT an overseas cheap manufactured part like many others. All of our belts are tested not only by SFI but also our own in house testing center. We go over and beyond, sparing no expense to make sure you are safe. Believe us, it is not a cheap thing to undertake and the majority of the harnesses out there are not tested or only once every few years. Buy with confidence and peace of mind that what you are purchasing to save you from serious bodily injury will actually do it's job. If you need a custom size, style or configuration please contact us, we make custom belts or harnesses, both SFI, FMVSS, Non-SFI and for anything Off-Road at an affordable price, within about 48 hours right here in the U.S.A.